Me and my values
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Me and my values

I was born in 1963 and grew up in South Cheshire, and later North Staffordshire.  I am openly gay in my professional as well as my personal life and hold progressive views about life and our identities, promoting a liberal, positive view of difference and diversity in our society and our cultures.  My approach to counselling and psychotherapy is LGBTQ affirmative, which means that I will fully accept your sexual and gender identity – whatever it may be or however you or somebody else might describe it, and do not view these essential parts of who you are as characteristics that need treating or changing.


My social values are typically egalitarian – I believe in democracy, fairness, and equality, and my characteristic approach to being with other people is co-operative and co-productive. That is to say, I believe we can all play a part in helping each other to shape a different and better future for ourselves, and for everyone in our communities.


I would describe myself as a ‘localist’.  Aside from localist political imperatives, I believe in supporting local initiatives and communities – finding reasons to proud of the place in which I/we live; our local heritage, and locating meaning in our changed social demographic. I believe in backing the ‘new creatives’, local manufacturers and suppliers in our geographical area, wherever possible or practicable.


I live with my partner and our dog in the Stoke-on-Trent South area, enjoy music and the arts. I write poetry when I am driven to, as part of my own personal development process and plan to self-publish a volume of my reflexive verse in 2018.

Jeremy Boughey
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