My Mission
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My Mission

‘Banish the Crows’ is the home of Jeremy Boughey’s independent counselling psychotherapy offering.


At Banish the Crows the person will always be recognised as the sole focus and the most important element in the therapeutic process.


My commitment and passion for ‘good mental health for all’ is longstanding. Establishing Banish the Crows in 2017 is a personal highlight after a lengthy and credible career working in various organisations. My aspiration in creating Banish the Crows is to work directly for the person sitting in front of me, rather than through an organisation and their many protocols, policies, and procedures. I believe that by offering my help and skills in this way that there will be less hurdles and barriers to achieving what you, the client want and need – contrasted with what an organisation want and need as part of the therapy equation.


Plans for Banish the Crows

Whilst I have ambition to develop Banish the Crows and the resources that it could offer, I instinctively want it to remain small and intimate, focused on achieving a high-quality, personalised service, rather than growing a large scale business that moves away from its core aims and loses its soul.

Banish the Crows will become a hub for other psychotherapeutic offerings, including services offered by therapy associates – other professionals with the same outlook and values but who can offer different, complementary skills that can help people and their situations.


In the future, Banish the Crows plans to offer:

  • a psychotherapeutic writing forum, which will facilitate and encourage insight, knowledge, and personal growth through free expression, using the written narrative.  This will be a forum for everyone with an interest in expressing and learning about themselves in this way.
  • continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for pre- and post-qualifying practitioners.
  • group therapy and therapist personal development.


We will, of course, make these additional offerings available at the right time and without their creation impacting on the core counselling therapy offering at the heart of what Banish the Crows is about.  Bookmark the Banish the Crows Homepage and like or follow the Banish the Crows Facebook Page for regular updates about our work.

Jeremy Boughey psychotherapist
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