Contract & fees
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The therapeutic contract & sessional fees



We provide Pre-Therapy Information and a Therapeutic Agreement to people who express  an interest in therapy – usually before the initial consultation. It sets out an ‘offer of therapy’ for consideration by potential clients before we meet to agree a way of us working together.  It also contains a link to our Privacy Statement and Agreement as required under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) effective from 25 May 2018.  The provision of pre-therapy information and a therapeutic agreement is an expected practice in the counselling psychotherapy setting. It promotes transparency at the outset of any therapeutic relationship, seeks to demonstrate the therapist’s respect for their client and to encourage the person’s understanding about the therapy, our relating, and the terms of our working together.  As such, reading the Pre-Therapy Information and Therapeutic Agreement document before committing to the process of therapy will be important.  Your therapist will always talk to you about these terms and conditions whether the document is provided to you beforehand or during your first consultation.


Clients who contract with us to meet via phone (teletherapy) or secure video online (e-therapy) should familiarise themselves with our Guidance to Clients for Teletherapy and E-Therapy.


We provide a 60 rather than the more traditional 50 minute ‘therapy hour’ and clients’ will always be welcomed with an optional hot or cold drink, and comfortable surroundings.  As we generally do not make ‘back-to-back’ appointments, clients will rarely meet another client leaving, when they arrive and should always experience their therapist as being fresh and present in their company.


  • £55.00 per 60 minute one-on-one sessions (including telephone and secure video sessions). This includes counselling psychotherapy students seeking course mandated Personal Therapy.
  • Initial (‘assessment’) consultations for individuals are always face-to-face and are generally guided at 90 minutes – £75.00.
  • 90 minute regular or ‘ongoing’ sessions are also available and are charged pro-rata.
  • £70.00 per 60 minute session for relationship therapy (Couples or ‘Twos’). Initial couples and ‘twos’ assessment consultations are always face-to-face and are generally guided at 90 minutes – £90.00. Individual sessions between couples consultations, where indicated or preferred are charged at £55.00.
  • Clinical Supervision is charged at £80.00 for standard 90 minute sessions for Qualified Practitioners, and £55.00 for standard 60 minute sessions. Counselling Psychotherapy Students required to undertake twice-monthly, 60 minute Supervision can request a concession although availability of concessions is very limited, dependent upon circumstances and cannot guaranteed. There are also fees associated with the provision of competency reports; so-called 50 and 100 hour reports, to meet University study and completion requirements.


*effective 1 January 2023.


We are no longer able to provide free of charge, introductory face-to-face or video consultations but are accepting of a brief telephone conversation about therapy needs and to talk through what will happen if and when we do eventually meet. We are also accepting of brief email and text exchanges as part of clarifying needs, costs, and arrangements. Telephone, email, and text exchanges are typically offered without charge.


Payment is generally taken on the day, at the end of the session via cash, card payment, or bank transfer (BACS), if you bank online.  We no longer accept cheque payments. BACS transactions can be made in advance or within 24 hours of the session taking place.  Please indicate your preferences and/or needs when booking or at the end of your initial consultation.  Thank you.


Currently, we are not registered for private health insurance schemes, such as BUPA. Some health insurance schemes might be prepared to commission therapy without practitioners being formally registered with them and it is worth checking with your insurer to see if this is the case.

Jeremy Boughey psychotherapist