Qualifications & CPD
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Therapist qualifications and continuing professional development

Jeremy Boughey

I qualified as an integrative psychotherapist in 2017.  My formal studies spanned four years and were completed at Staffordshire University.  My qualification is a (HE Level 7) Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.  I was awarded a Professional Distinction overall and my academic tutors awarded me Best Student Performance in my first and final years of training.  As part of my training and portfolio submission I have provided extensive counselling psychotherapy through an NHS placement in North Staffordshire (2015 – 2017).  Of particular note, in 2018 I completed my Postgraduate Certificate (PG.Cert) in Couples and Relationship Counselling, and in 2020 my PG.Cert in Clinical Supervision. See below for further details as part of a comprehensive list of my ongoing continuing professional development (CPD), post-qualification.


Prior to my studies in counselling psychotherapy, in 2007 I graduated from Birmingham University with a Masters Degree in Health Care Policy and Management – achieving a merit overall and I was awarded a distinction for my dissertation. 


At the time of updating this page (October 2021) I have completed over 3,000 hours of client work spanning more than 200 clients.  


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

As part of my professional registration with the BACP, Registered Members are required to participate and evidence continuing professional development (CPD).  CPD is about therapists and other professionals working in care settings demonstrating their commitment to ‘lifelong learning’.  This can be about formal training or training updates in particular areas of therapy practice but learning can also take place through a wide-range of activities in various contexts, and may include experiential learning activities. 


My most recent CPD includes: 

  • Are you there for me? Working with Disconnected Couples. An online seminar with Kathleen Mates-Youngman (3 hours). February 2024 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • The Narcissist and the Empath. An online workshop with Eleanor O’Rourke (2 hours). February 2024 (Online Events, Sheffield)
  • Navigating the Unspoken: Attraction in the Therapeutic Relationship. An online workshop with Keemar Keemar & John Wilson (2 hours). February 2024 (Online Events, Sheffield)
  • Shifting Sands: An Existential Lens on Intersectionality Throughout Life. An online conference hosted by the Existential Academy (6 hours). November 2023 (Online Events, Sheffield)
  • Masochism, Sadism and Echoism: Spokes of the Same Wheel? Delineating in Clinical Settings and Providing Therapy: An online seminar with Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn (3 hours). October 2023 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Single Session (One Plus) Therapy: Effective and Timely Interventions in Challenging Times. A Workshop with Windy Dryden (2 hours). June 2023 (Online Events, Sheffield)
  • ‘Jekyll and Hide’: How to Work with the Shadow. A Workshop with Malcolm Stern (2 hours). June 2023 (Online Events, Sheffield)
  • Don’t Leave Me Alone! Working Relationally with the Terror of Abandonment. An online workshop (3 hours). April 2023 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • The Psychotherapist as an Effective External Regulator. An online workshop (3 hours). February 2023 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • The Difficult Mother: Insufferable or Misunderstood? An online workshop (3 hours). November 2022 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Attachment Insecurity & Psychopathology. An in-person training event (6 hours). July 2022 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Working with Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender-Questioning Clients: Building a Gender-Affirming Practice. An online workshop (3 hours). October 2021 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Psychiatric Drugs Made Simple – What Therapists Need to Know. A two-day online workshop with Dr Rachel Freeth (6 hours). October 2021 (SDS Seminars Limited)
  • The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Masculinity and Sexual Identities. An online workshop with Dr Christiane Sanderson (3 hours). October 2021 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder and Traumatic Attachment: A 3-day Training Workshop (10 hours) with Dr Janina Fisher – September 2021 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • ‘A Matter of Death and Life’. A hosted conversation and workshop with Dr. Irvin Yalom. March 2021 (Online Events CPD, Sheffield)
  • Attachment and Relational Neuroscience informed Therapeutic Conversations. An online workshop with Professor Jeremy Holmes (3 hours). January 2021 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Existential Therapy: Reintroduction. A one-day, online workshop with Dr Mick Cooper. October 2020 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (National Counselling Society Accredited).  Completed 28 August 2020 (Calm Minds Training)
  • Working with men: Meeting the challenges of orthodox masculinity. A one-day training workshop with Dr Michael Beattie. March 2020 (nScience World Class Training for Therapists, London)
  • Working with shame. February 2020 (Carolyn Spring Reversing Adversity, Nottingham)
  • Working safely and professionally with erotic transference and counter-transference. July 2019 (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy – BACP, Birmingham)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling. November 2018 (Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre, Macclesfield, Cheshire)
  • Sex in the Digital Age – The Impact on Attachment and Intimacy.  June 2018 (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, London)
  • ‘Your Inner Child’ – a whole person approach to working with people seeking recovery from childhood relational neglect, and trauma.  March 2018 (‘Your Inner Child’ – Catherine O’Riordan, Manchester)
  • Understanding the psychological harm of male circumcision.  January, 2018 (Genital Autonomy & 15 Square, Keele, Staffordshire)
  • The Adult Attachment Interview – A Workshop with Dr Mario Marrone. October, 2017 (Mindsite, Stockport)
  • Introduction to to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). June, 2017 (Paul Morland, Ch. Counselling Psychologist; BPS).
  • “Oedipus is Alive and Well!” – facilitated by Professor Michael Jacobs. May, 2017 (Mindsite, Stockport). 
  • Existential Psychotherapy and Uncertainty – facilitated by Professor Ernesto Spinelli. March, 2017 (Mindsite, Stockport). 
  • Working with Deliberate Self Harm from a Cognitive Behavioural Perspective. February, 2017 (SDS Seminars, London). 
  • A Disorder for Everyone! Exploring the Culture of Psychiatric Diagnosis and the Implications for Practice – facilitated by Dr Lucy Johnstone, Clinical Psychologist. October, 2016 (Jo Watson Training Counselling and Psychotherapists). 
  • Introduction to Existential Therapy. September, 2016 (The Existential Academy – New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, London). 
  • Introduction to Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. April, 2016 (SDS Seminars, Manchester). 


Jeremy Boughey Psychotherapist
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