My interests
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My particular and broad-spectrum interests in therapy

Whilst my principal interest is in people and how all of us live and relate to each other – in approaching living and dying and how we live, I do have a particular interest in personality development, identity and outsider-ness, as well as behaviours that communicate our disaffection and distress – the unease that we experience within ourselves, such as when we make unwise or risky choices with our health and well-being.  These behaviours are commonly  referred to as self-harm or self-injury, which sometimes extend to parasuicidal or indeed, suicidal acts with serious intent.


I have a strong and broad experience of working with people from the age of eighteen upwards and an interest in working with the spectrum of emotional, psychological, and mental phenomena that we all will experience at some time in our lives – either personally or indirectly.  There are perhaps too many to list here but typically, mood affect, anxiety, dread and angst, and of course loss and the prospect of this.  I would offer these to be characteristic features in most emotional and psychological presentations, whatever the person’s age and however they might ‘know’ and identify themselves.


Whilst I am clinically trained, my approach in therapy is strongly philosophical – drawing upon and making sense of our experiences as living but finite beings.

Jeremy Boughey psychotherapist
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