Counselling and psychotherapy are not ‘curative’ treatments, in the traditional sense of the word and you do not need to be emotionally distressed or mentally unwell to benefit from what therapy can offer. The notion of counselling and psychotherapy being offered as a developmental antidote is perhaps overlooked or lost in an increasingly pathologised, illness-orientated culture.  We can and perhaps should approach therapy using a developmental or ‘growth frame’ – before dis-ease is experienced, to help us to ‘move’ when we feel particularly ‘stuck’ in life, and refresh or rethink our view of the world and our part in it, when meaning is obscured or lost.

Accessing counselling or psychotherapy will provide you with skilled, compassionate support in a safe, accepting place – to help you KNOW the person that you are and find greater ease at BEING that person, or even dreaming and conceptualising an alternate you.

The approach to counselling psychotherapy at Banish the Crows is grounded in existential theory. That is to say that I believe that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual’s confrontation with the givens of their existence – actual or perceived.  The existential system of belief establishes and builds our capacity for self-awareness; embracing freedom and responsibility to live our life more ‘vitally’, less regretfully – establishing and evolving an identity and meaningful relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. In many respects it is a simple concept but one that is liberating and can be achieved when our minds are opened, where the journey is guided, and the place we do it in is safe.

Notwithstanding my background in emotional, psychological, and mental health, my emphasis in working with people at Banish the Crows is perhaps more philosophically than clinically driven – assisting enlightenment and change through considering existential and related concepts that are orientated towards ‘coming to life’ and being fully in the world we exist in. Using what I believe to be three fundamental existential questions, we will be able to locate your current unease in life and importantly, consider ways that you can move beyond your current mindset and be-in-life more vitally.

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